About us


Cleveland Beekeepers Association

Welcome to the website of Cleveland Beekeepers Association. We are a registered charity in England No.1168761 and an area association member of the British Beekeepers’ Association.

We are a thriving, friendly association of beekeepers in the Cleveland, North Yorkshire and County Durham areas of the North East of England, on the northern edge of the North Yorkshire Moors. Our website name www.clevelandbeekeepers.co.uk derives from the old Ceremonial County of Cleveland, which runs from the North Yorkshire Moors in the South to Hartlepool in the North and West as far as Darlington.

Our interests are:

  • Learning about bees and beekeeping.
  • Helping others in our hobby.
  • Producing good quality local honey and beeswax for sale.
  • Co-operating with national statutory and non-statutory bodies to improve the health of bees and monitor for exotic pests

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The Cleveland Beekeepers Association is for Apiarists who share an interest in the honeybee and the production of home produced honey.